Energy Management

It's easy to take advantage of intelligent automation that contributes to a more comfortable home—and a more efficient planet. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Program your shades and thermostat to automatically adjust for maximum energy efficiency based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature
  • Control your thermostat from any automation interface—even your iPhone
  • Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste
  • Use motion sensors to turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied
  • Program your pool and sprinkler systems to source water only during energy-efficient windows.

Artistic Systems offer applications to monitor current, historical and projected energy usage and costs for whole house and appliance circuits, including Solar production.

Multiple power sensor support.

Web dashboard with detailed view of current, historical and projected energy usage and costs as well as production

Email and text/SMS alerts including usage and cost budget overruns, whole house and appliance level performance, and rate alerts such as when a rate tier is about to be exceeded

Easily upgrade to Eragy Intelligent Energy Management for complete automated energy management and up to 30% per month savings.

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